Probably The Most Costly Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

A diamond ring is frequently probably the most costly and important bits of jewellery a few is ever going to purchase, they’re also symbolic of unity and love between a couple. Therefore it may come as no real surprise that some extravagant celebrities visit great lengths and expense to purchase probably the most deluxe and costly diamond engagement rings on the planet. These aren’t your average costume jewellery rings they are the most costly rings ever offered.

Lots of people believe that diamonds can be used for diamond engagement rings since they’re probably the most costly gemstones. This really is really and not the situation Blue Sapphires, Rubies and Alexandrite are rarer and could be more costly than diamonds. The traditional Greeks thought that diamonds were symbolic of inner fire along with a reflection from the burning flame of everlasting love, additionally they known as them ‘tear drops from the gods’. It’s also thought the traditional Greeks began the tradition of putting on a diamond ring around the third finger from the left hands as based on them there’s a vein that extends lower in the heart for this finger. The gemstone was most likely also selected because the stone of preference since it is the toughest mineral available, which will help to symbolise loves unbreakable bond.

Yellow diamonds are extremely rare and costly. Probably the most costly engagement rings ever offered was by a united states Kentucky based jeweler that was 11-carats and price 1.25 million dollars. The ring am costly it needed to be delivered by armoured truck. Charlie Sheen is a such star who likes yellow diamonds he purchased a 5-carat gemstone ring for his ex-wife Brooke Mueller in 2007 for 500,000 dollars.

It is not only how big the gemstone that determines its value but additionally its clearness and exactly how it’s cut. The Royal Asscher Gemstone Company is among the most well-known and revered gemstone cutting specialists on the planet and is known for its patented representational cut, that has been refined using today’s technology to include a brand new cut known as the Royal Asscher Cut. Famous stars which have bought Asscher gemstone rings include Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon, who bought an Asscher cut ring for 520,000 dollars in 1998. Queen Elizabeth II also owns an Asscher cut ring.

Diamond engagement rings are extremely significant bits of jewellery which is portrayed because when they appear and exactly how they’re designed. David Beckham bought his wife Victoria a gemstone ring known as the ‘Secret Hug from the Rose’ it had been known as this since it holds b .9-carat pink gemstone in the center, which is designed to represent a heart this really is encircled by 4.5-carats of white-colored diamonds and price $525,000.

But also for some celebrities the primary problem is how large the rock really is as well as in 2005 Paris Hilton caught the interest from the media. Her 24-carat million dollar white-colored gemstone diamond engagement ring was probably the most costly rings ever offered. The ring am costly she most likely needed bodyguards just put on it in public places. Because of the price of the ring her fiancé Latsis apparently bought her a far more conservative wedding ring for everyday use.