Music Themed Bed room For The Teen

In case your teenage boy is really a music lover, it is possible to allow him to want to be in the bed room, by providing him an area that reflects his musical preferences. Here are a couple of tips about how to get him singing through the night lengthy – however in his sleep to ensure that nobody else is disturbed.

You can purchase music-themed stencils and trace them out across the walls to produce a border of musical wallpaper. These could have shapes of music notes for example treble or G clefs. When the wall is light colored, complete the trace lines with black interior wall paint to permit the stenciled images to pop. Rather of music notes, you might go for piano keys as the motif.

For his bedding, black and white-colored could be great, especially to help remind him of his piano keys, if he plays the piano. Obtain a comforter in solid black then accent the appearance with throw pillows in pristine white-colored. Alternatively, you can buy an entire music-themed bed set then just add-on the throw pillows with discretion on the appearance.

Of the question dressings, you are able to experiment and use fantasy for any music themed room. You might string up some old CDs or vinyl records on the strong bit of rope or twine and hang up them as a valance on hooks moored into each side of the curtain box. You may even eliminate music notes from solid black fabric or felt then glue them onto a valance in solid white-colored. Or maybe you want that you follow traditional curtains for the draperies, choose black and white-colored printed or solid black or solid white-colored drapes.

In case your teen likes classical music, you can frame up written music from his favorite symphonies by Mozart or Pachelbel and hang up them around the walls. Alternatively, if he’s a metal mind, and also at the precise opposite extreme, frame up vintage vinyl covers of his favorite classical rock bands. For additional accent ideas, paint a treble clef staff or G clef around the front of his wardrobe.

A shag rug on his floor could be welcome addition to his music-themed room. You’ll find these in solid black solid white-colored or patterned in white-colored and black to enhance the entire black and white-colored theme you’ve going. Or you feel creative, buy two shag rugs of the identical pile one out of solid white-colored, another in solid black. Eliminate music notes of comparable size from both rugs then replace the differently colored rug music note. Hold these in position with rug or duct tape then fluff the rug together with your fingers. This really is easy to do this get it done along with him, and that he will be happy with the wok of his hands.

As he is within his room, his creativeness will flow because he has got the right ambiance with this, and he’ll be well on his method to becoming the background music virtuoso he’s always aspired to be.

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