Get the best tent rentals with Wright Group Event Services in Denver, Colorado

To be able to achieve a successful event, you need a competitive production team that can make the event livelier and more beautiful. The coordinator should look for trusted event services that offer high-end equipment that can be used for a certain event. Usually event services include tent rentals, sound systems, stage props, special effects, food & serving supplies, and other materials used in an event. If you’re looking for an event services, you can drop by at Wright Group Event Services website.

About Wright Group Event Services

It is a family business mainly based at Denver, Colorado. It is owned by Roy Wright, who created the tagline “One Call Rents All”. The company has been operating for 7 decades and recognized as one of the premium and respected event production Rental Company. They offer tent for rent, music equipment, props, special effects and other event production equipment. They serve international clients such as The International Olympic Committee and AEG Live. In addition to that, they have also hosted music festivals like Jazz Aspen, Telluride Music Fest, Global Dance and many more.

Tent Rentals Offered

If you’re planning for an outdoor event, you can consider tent rentals by Wright Group Event Services. They offer variety of tents that would suit your event. They offer tents of different dimensions, sizes, designs and prices. Here are the available tents in Wright Group Event Services:

  • Frame Tents. This type of tent is always requested by customers. It has no partitions inside and covers large group of people. It’s usually used for large gatherings such as reunions, get togethers, weddings and corporate meetings. This type of tent is usually supported by 4 poles.
  • Hexagon Tents. This type of tent is made in hexagonal shape. It is commonly used for parties like birthday. This tent secures a bit of privacy unlike the frame tent which is built openly. If you prefer to be more formal, you can try adding leg drapes and sidewalls.
  • Peak Tents. This type of tents is eye-catching because of the peak-shape of it. It is good for business meetings and gatherings. You can put a flag on the top of the high-peak of the tent to attract your associates to the event. It is available in both small and large sizes.
  • Pole Tents. This type of tent uses a center pole to support the high crest roof of the tent. Pole tents are usually budget-friendly but you need to maintain the tension of the pole that supports the tent.
  • Saddle Span Tents. This is a very elegant kind of tent. They are commonly used for concerts or music events. It covers the stage, making a sunshade or canopy.
  • Specialty Tents. Looking for a unique type of tent? You can check specialty tents, if you want something unique for your event.
  • Tent Sidewalls. These are good for rainy or windy days. Tent Sidewalls are made up of walls that protect the guest from any contaminants, pests, rain showers or any other natural phenomenon. Although it has walls, it also has French windows that add beauty to the tent.

For more event equipment like tent rentals, you can check their site for details.