9 Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

A great wedding send off is fun and memorable, involving everyone on the guest list as they all come together to wish the bride and groom well in their new life together. But what makes a special wedding send off and what are some of the key components that can help separate it from every other wedding? Here we take a look at some of the more unique ingredients that can go into one of the most ancient of traditions.


Sparklers are definitely something that ancient wedding send offs wouldn’t have been able to have enjoyed but nonetheless inject a heavy dose of novelty into the event. Get guests together to write messages in sparkling lights and you bet you’ll get some cool looking wedding photos to look back on. Check out wedding send off ideas like these for more creative options.

Flower Petals

Very traditional and classic for a reason, flower petals are an inexpensive but pretty way to jazz up a staid send-off. Delicate as a material, you’ll want to prepare them in advance and have plenty to offer guests as you exit from the ceremony.

Mini Beach Balls

An odd one for sure, but beach balls make the perfect accompaniment to a beach wedding. Keep them small and lightweight and have plenty of them and you’ll have the same effect as confetti but something far more fitting to the beach paradise setting.


Similar to petals, bubbles are another classic wedding send off staple. Give each guest a bubble blower and liquid to blow from and you’ll have plenty to fill the air as the bride and groom take off from the ceremony. Kids will love them too and will have fun for hours afterward recreating that special moment.


Popular in Southeast Asia, lighting up paper lanterns adds a very unique edge to an evening wedding, filling the night sky with pretty floating objects that will look fantastic in the backdrop of photos. As an extra try fitting them with little handwritten messages and see how far they travel and if anyone writes back.

Paper Airplanes

You might have thought these were best left behind in elementary school but paper airplanes can help add a fun dimension to a wedding that can also be aesthetically pleasing if crafted from colored card and neatly decorated to boot.


Eco-friendly and helping save on the clean-up, birdseed is a great thing to toss into the air and makes a nice alternative to the more traditional rice.


Like sparklers, glitter can add some bright sparkle fun at the crucial moment of a wedding. Go for the over-sized variety and you’ll get an extra bit of glamour to go with it.


Another environmentally friendly option that goes well with an autumn wedding, leaves can be a pretty addition to a wedding send off that don’t look out of place being tossed into the air as a happy couple walk through a congregation of guests. The gold and red hues also offer a great aesthetic element to photos too.