7 Things Worth Considering Before Booking A Banquet Hall

No matter whether it’s a wedding or a special party for your family and friends, the right venue makes the event special. Thankfully, there are many options when it comes to event venues, but selecting one can be confusing, especially when you are on a short budget or are unsure of your needs.

We bring the 7 things that need your attention.

  • Consider your event and guest list. If you plan to invite 200 people, you need a place that can accommodate at least 220 or more. This is more important when you settle for a closed space. Also, some events are best organized outdoors. For example, a summer wedding around the beach is much better than a standard event hall.

  • Get your planners onboard. While there are many banquet halls in Houston, only a good planner can suggest on décor, theme and other aspects. When you go hunting for places, take your planner along, who can take the shots on key aspects.
  • Budget is always important. Everyone likes to have a sprawling space for their events, but that doesn’t mean you can afford one. Make sure that you set up a budget and work around it. Keep in mind that you have to pay additionally for everything else.

  • Package vs. standard booking. Some of the banquet halls only offer fixed packages to their clients. This means you have to take all other services, such as décor, catering and entertainment from them. Check both options to know what fits your plans.
  • Parking is necessary. If the event is out of the city limits, expect most of your guests to bring their vehicles. Many times, hosts forget the need for parking, which eventually leads to a chaotic atmosphere.
  • Location that suits you. Want to plan a party for the kids? A small banquet hall should suffice. Need to have an elaborate wedding ceremony? Consider an offbeat beach or country destination. The location of the hall/venue remains a key aspect.

  • Book in advance. If you want to make the right choice and wish to save at the same time, always book in advance. Once you have decided on the basics, check around and get estimates. You may also get a discount, if you book ahead and are willing to pay some part of the deal beforehand.

Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the service contract, to know what’s included and what’s not.